Tražimo saradnika za prodaju promocije na sajtu

Ovaj oglas je na engleskom jeziku zbog toga što je sajt na engleskom i činjenice da je priroda ovog posla takva da je celokupna komunikacija na engleskom.

The job:

We are looking for people who want to look for girls (cam girls, onlyfans girls, performers etc) who are willing to pay for the promotion and visibility.

You get 50% of the money from every job you put in.

The photo gallery is charged 10e, the profile page with three galleries is 50e and the annual promotion with profile and gallery every month is 95e.

Interested for the job? Get in touch via email:

The Pitch:

We initially used this ice-breaker pitch:

“I work for erotic website  – and I’d love if we published a gallery of your photos. We have 1 million pageviews every month, and we’d add links for your Instagram and any other profile you want. Please let me know if you are interested.”

You are free to modify it however you want.

Two main selling points could be:

  1. Mindblowing galleries are fully responsive and easily shareable, if you want to create a mini uncensored portfolio with short bio and several photos this is the right choice for you. But, primarily they get additional visibility and following among thousands of our visitors – and the fact is explicit content cannot be promoted elswhere, like on FB or Instagram or Google or practically anywhere.
  1. Our landing pages are fully responsive and look really great – they can be premium replacement for or sloppy and unresponsive

Our landing pages are created by our developers, so performers and content creators just need to give us short bio, pics and videos and we’ll do the rest. Of course, there is a fee of 50 eur.

There are many variants of free landing page builders and here is some reading material


Article promo – 10e

Landing page – 50e

All-year promo – 95e

More information:

Article promo examples:

Landing page examples: